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Little Bitty Lady, Huge Impact on My Life

A very dear friend of mine passed on from this world last month. I've had the program from her memorial service sitting on my desk since the morning after the service, knowing I wanted to write something but not quite sure where or how to start. While I'm still uncertain exactly what my fingers will type since there are 30 years' worth of memories to sift through, the time has come to try to put my thoughts into words.

Peggy Ashcraft walked into my life in 1988 when I was 20 years old and a second-year contestant at the Miss Louisiana Pageant. The pageant organization is comprised of volunteers, and Peggy served for many years as a hostess. The hostesses at Miss Louisiana are responsible for 2-3 contestants during pageant week, driving them to and from events, helping them carry their belongings back and forth -  basically being their surrogate mom-away-from-home. Peggy was assigned to be my hostess the year I competed as Miss Shreveport, and although I competed another t…

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