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Relevance is in the Eyes of the Participant

In case you haven't heard, an organization that I love, and one that helped to shape me into the person I am today, is in trouble. It's being torn apart from within, ironically by one of our own. A "Forever Miss America" and her sidekick are making great strides in completely unraveling the Miss America Pageant, a nearly century old institution that I and thousands of volunteers call our own.

Many of you who have never been involved in this system probably think it's cheesy and all about the rhinestones and glitter - and "not relevant," a phrase I have come to completely loathe. Before I became involved I was a skeptic, too, and thought it was silly. But then, at 18 years old, I found out that talent counted (at that time) for 50% of the judges' total score, interview was 30%, and that the winners received college scholarships.

"Sign me up!" I thought. "Why not? I'll give this thing a try."

So I did. With very low expectatio…

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