I feel like I should have stayed in bed

I went to bed at a decent hour, I ate a good lunch yesterday, a good dinner last night, and even ate breakfast this morning. And still...

I think I may have bombed my comps exam.

It was just one of those kinds of tests where nearly every question has at least two answers that are correct, but you have to choose the one that is better than the other. It was hard. I counted over 50 that I could possibly have missed. You can miss 45 and still make the required C, which is a passing grade.

I emailed one of my professors, the one who, oddly enough, has been my staunchest supporter in this endeavor to tell her of my plight. In part, here is her response:

"You are among the strongest students that I have taught AND one of the least likely to anticipate success. As I recall after indicating fears about passing you set the curve on one exam. So, let's start thinking that the possibility is that you passed the test. You are an A student. You likely did not score as well as you usually do but high enough to pass. By chance if you were a monkey guessing randomly you would get one fourth of those you guessed (14 out of 55) which would leave you missing about 41 or 42. I think we can assume safely that you can out-guess a monkey and even if you didn't... unless my math is wrong you likely passed. At any rate, You have a much better chance of passing than most of the people who take the exam just based on your previous class performance. Try not to extract defeat from victory before the score is in."

It's good to know I've got somebody in my corner, even if she did compare me to a monkey. I wonder if I could maybe pay her to... okay, nevermind. Not an option.

I have to wait about 2 weeks to receive my score by mail. Exactly two weeks from today is my birthday. So it's entirely possible that on my birthday, I'll go to the mailbox and open a letter that says, "You Failed." Ha! What a gift that would be, huh?


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