A few pics and thoughts to go with them...

I've uploaded a few vacation pictures, and a couple more that I found as I was digging through my photo box last night, with captions to explain each. Enjoy!

This was taken right before we hit the town the final night of our fabulous vacation. This picture shows me how grown up my child has become.

Emily's jellyfish sting. It actually became even more swollen as the night progressed. Bless her heart. Emily's friend, who joined us on the trip, was zapped by the mean old creature, too.

This picture shows the reason why I have vowed never to take Emily and her friend shopping with me ever again. Up to the very last night of the trip, I had done very well not spending money on anything but food and necessities. But that last night after we ate, the girls wanted to go shopping. So I took them to the outlet mall. While there, Emily saw the Coach store and begged me to go in, so we did. Inside, I saw this purse... it was so soft, and smelled so good (all you females know what I mean about Coach leather... don't deny it!) and it was marked down by $220!!! I dreamed of walking out of there with it... but instead, I walked right out of that store empty handed. But almost immediately both girls started working on me.

"Mom, you need that purse!"

"Miss Lynn Anne (read the previous post about the vacation to understand the nickname), you deserve it for taking care of us!"

They kept on "encouraging" me for the next half hour, until finally I marched back into that store and purchased my very first Coach purse. You'd think at my age I'd be past the point of caving to peer pressure from a couple of 13 year old girls, but apparently I'm not. I will not tell you what I paid, but you can do the math. Since it's an outlet store, it was marked 2/3 off the original price. I had buyer's remorse the minute I walked out. But oh well! It was the only "souvenir" I came home with, and it will be used more than any t-shirt or shot glass or silly ashtray. Smells better, too!

The last day we were there it stormed. This was the view from our balcony as the storm rolled in. It was so relaxing to watch and hear the rain.

This is me, with my two youngest brothers, Jonathan (the baby) and Morgan. They are both grown now. They are so precious in this picture, and they are both still just as beautiful today.
This is me holding another of my brothers, Erick, who just turned 30 last month. (I couldn't find any pictures of me holding Trey, the oldest of my four little brothers.) I love these pictures. It's hard to believe that all of these little people have grown into men. From fragile little angels, to adults capable of taking care of themselves and others. They are all great guys, and I love each one.


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