Wow! What a week!

Okay, first the Saints win the Super Bowl, and now it's snowing! I'm beginning to wonder if it's getting a bit chilly down in hell. (Excuse my French.)

The Super Bowl was a lot of fun to watch Sunday. It was a clean game - few penalties and turnovers. The turnovers were in the Saints' favor, so it was not only easy to watch, but also very enjoyable. And exciting! And historic. And my gosh, who in their right mind wouldn't be happy for this guy?

There were also several really good commercials this year. The advertising team of Budweiser really outdid themselves, with almost all of their commercials giving me a giggle. But of all of the ad spots, I think Doritos won my vote. This was my favorite.

How funny is THAT little guy?!?! I just love him.

I've stayed plenty busy at work this week, after such a wonderful Super Bowl Sunday. I've gotta say, for many reasons, Sunday was one of my great all time days. But it was followed by a low key Monday, Bingo on Tuesday, and a grocery store visit on Wednesday. Ugh. Fast forward to today, though, and I had another beautiful surprise awaiting me!

I've been sitting in my office watching the snow fall. My good camera is at home, so all I had available to take these pictures was my cell phone. I put my coat on, and hiked my little size 5 1/2 Jessica Simpson stilletos out in the grass to capture these images.

It really has been wonderful to watch. So calming and beautiful. The only thing that would have made it better were if I had been given a "snow day" like my child was given.

But I guess you can't win 'em all.


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