Happy Birthday, Daddy!

In honor of my dad's birthday, I am posting two of my favorite pictures. The one at the top is Daddy and me "watering the leaves so they wouldn't blow away before the garbage man came," according to the writing on the back of the photo. It was probably taken in about 1971, since I appear to be two or three years old, and ultra-fashionable in my dirt-colored pants and striped bandana. I love this picture because even though it would have been a lot quicker for my dad to take care of this task by himself, he is patiently holding my hand and allowing me to "help him."

And this picture was taken at Dad's house for Christmas. Emi was in a sour mood that evening (tired, if I remember correctly) and the only thing that would stop her from fussing was when Dad would share his Sprite with her. If you look closely, you can see it running down the sides of her mouth. I love this picture because Daddy looks so grandfatherly!

Happy, Happy Birthday, Dad! I hope it's the best one ever!


Linda said…
Hi Linnea, I know what you mean about your daddy because I loved my daddy like there was no other! Your little girl is so cute. I am glad to see how happy you are, so guess what? I asked my grandson to name his baby girl after you. She will be born Dec. 25th 2010, soon! I just hung up from talking to him and telling him about you and your name and he was so excited because he said he liked the name better then any name he ever heard so far. I had to look up the spelling to make sure I got it right and asked him to look you up on the internet too.
I am the one who took hundreds of pictures of you in my apt. in Waikiki and used to come every night to Kentos to dance. You can look up my site on webshots. orchidsandwaves. My name is now Linda Darcy, but it was Linda Brenton at the time.
Much Aloha,
Linnea said…
Aloha, Linda!

That's a mighty big compliment! Thank you! I pray for a healthy, happy baby for your family. My name is one that has been passed down through 5 generations. My great-grandmother, my grandmother, my mom, and my daughter and I are all Linnea's!

I remember the pictures well... I still have one hanging in my home. I went back to Hawaii recently (honeymoon!) and stayed at the Hyatt, but Kento's is long gone. Everything looked different. I guess after 16 years, I should expect that, huh?! :)

Take care, and thanks for stopping by!

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