Let me hear a Halleluja!

Thanks to my friend, Johnny, for sending this to me. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Apparently, there is a campaign that has been launched by the Knight Foundation in 8 cities in America called "1000 Random Acts of Culture," to increase awareness and appreciation of the arts. In this one particular Random Act of Culture, the Opera Company of Philadelphia showed up at Macy's, all dressed in plain clothes so as not to be noticed as a group, and broke into Handel's Halleluja Chorus. It is fantastic! And so completely moving.

You can read more about the Knight Foundation and the 1000 Random Acts of Culture campaign at http://www.knightarts.org/ .

Note: for some reason, the video won't play full-screen on some computers. If you're having trouble viewing the video on this site, go here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wp_RHnQ-jgU


Lisa said…
What a COOL post! I was on the verge of tears, but stopped short when I realized only at Macy's can you get opera and eyebrow threading in the same place :) Thanks for sharing such a beautiful moment.
Linnea said…
Ha! Yep, that thought would kinda kill the emotional moment.

The most awesome part of this whole thing for me was that the singers were in random locations, interspersed among the other shoppers and in plain clothes, so when they began to sing it was coming from everywhere. Can you imagine standing there looking at eye shadow, and then all of a sudden an operatic soprano burst into song right next to you? It probably would have scared me to death!
rick said…

I loved that..what a great Idea to do that and promote culture. where would we be without it?.. Thank you so much for that !!!
Linnea said…
Hey Rick,

So glad you liked it!

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