Happy Birthday, Emily!!!

Fifteen years ago yesterday I packed a bag for a hospital stay that was expected to last three days. I would go in weighing about 136 lbs, and leave three days later weighing 112. I went in expectantly. I left happier than I had ever been in my life.

For you see, 15 years ago today my daughter was born. It wasn't a drama-filled birth; there were no contractions. There was no stomach pain, no pushing, and I didn't yell at anybody. Although I did tell the nurse after she had stuck both my wrists twice each with needles trying to start an IV,"You have one more chance. You miss it this time and you will go find somebody else to do it." (That's probably why getting the catheter a few minutes later was so painful, but I'll save you the details of that. You're welcome.)

Emily must have been a bit nervous about making her entrance into this cold, hard world. She flipped over two weeks before my due date like babies usually do to prepare for the "regular" birthing procedures (with her head facing the "door," so to speak). But then decided she wasn't ready after all and flipped right back over. My girl was ready to come out of the oven butt first. In medical language, she was full breech. Her head, shoulders AND feet were all jammed up into my ribs and diaphragm, which made it a little difficult for me to breathe during that last month or so. She showed no signs of flipping over again, so my doctor decided I needed a cesarean section.

The one thing I can say about a C-section is that you have an appointed time to be at the hospital, and two hours later you have a baby. It's a snap! It's also easier on the child. Emi came out an interesting purple color, but once the purple faded and they washed the goop off, she was absolutely beautiful. Seriously... the prettiest child I ever saw. And I'm not saying that because she's mine. She really was perfect. Dark hair, a little ribbon mouth, and a perfectly round head. No cone head on my child!

See what I mean? She was gorgeous. And so, so sweet.
Recovery was somewhat difficult since my stomach muscles were all cut and sewn back together. But the joy far outweighed any pain I felt. And who wouldn't be thrilled to be this child's mommy?

Emi is the greatest blessing I've ever been given. I love being her mom. And if I could have chosen a child ahead of time, I would have picked her.

In honor of her 15th birthday, here are a few more of my favorite pictures.

Emi's 1st Birthday. Her bib says, "I think YOU need a nap!" When she was this age, I took as many naps as possible!

Her 4th Birthday. I'm helping her blow out the candles on her cake. We had her party in our backyard with family and several preschool friends.

I love this picture! This was her 5th Birthday party. It was at the park. It was hot out there, as you can tell by her chubby little red face.

This was taken late one night after a singing gig. I went to pick her up from her Aunt Terri's house. Since she was a little kid she has loved to hang out with Aunt Terri! I adore this picture, too. I think it shows just how much I really love this kid. I'm not the only one...

My husband did this! Emi eats blueberry pop tarts every morning. So to surprise her, Teddy had a pop tart box ordered especially for her. How cool is this? She was thrilled. And it was a great way to start a very special day!

Happy Birthday, My Precious Punkin! I love you more than you will ever know, and am so happy you are mine.


alli said…
Thanks for sharing such sweet memories & pics !!!

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