Happy Birthday, George Clooney!!!

George Clooney turns 50 years old today!!!

I love George Clooney. I mean, not in a real way since I don't even know the man, but in a "oh-he-is-just-so-hot" kinda way. My husband doesn't have a problem with this; he has many times during the course of our dating years brought me magazines with George on the cover. He understands this is simply a childish crush. After all, who knows if I would even like the guy if I had the opportunity to actually meet him?

Even though I don't know Gorgeous George in person, however, I do have a connection with him. A very deep, sort of spiritual connection. We share something very special.


So from a girl who thinks of you every time May 6 rolls around... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GEORGE!!! I will eat a piece of cake in your honor.


rick said…
Happy Birthday Linnea!!!..We"May" Babies are a special lot indeed.

Hope you have a great Birthday
Linnea said…
Hey Rick! I'm sorry I am just now responding...I'm just now seeing this comment!

I hope you have a wonderful birthday month!

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