Back at Work

I am back at my desk today after spending a week at a hospital in Shreveport with my mom. She had surgery; I was her caregiver.

About a month ago a doctor found a very large tumor on my mom's ovary. Long story short, she had surgery last Monday to remove the tumor and all of her female organs. Along with the full hysterectomy, the docs also ended up removing her appendix due to abnormal cells there, and several lymph nodes which they sent to the pathology lab at Johns Hopkins. We are still awaiting those lab results.

I will write more about the hospital experience later. For now, though, please keep my mom in your prayers. 


rick said…
Im praying for your Mom, your family and you Linnea. GOD is looking over all of you as you know. Johns Hopkins is only a few miles away from where i work . Excellent reputation . Take CARE!!!!!!!!!

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