New TV Addiction

My husband, on the advice of a dear friend, purchased season one of Downton Abbey for me for Valentine's Day, with the thought that we could watch it together. This was unusual for a few reasons.

1. Unless it's sports related, the hubby doesn't watch much television.

2. Downton Abbey is a British television series based in the early 1900's that runs on the PBS network. Unless it's a music program, I don't regularly tune in to PBS, and I'm not a big "period piece" kinda gal.

3. I had never even heard of the program, which apparently has been on the air since 2010.

So, here's the question.... WHERE THE HECK HAVE I BEEN?!?!

This is one of the best shows EVER. In the last two days, Teddy and I have watched 4 hour-long episodes. We are hooked like fish on a worm, and cannot wait to watch the rest of the season. Our only issue is that once we watch the entire first season, we will most certainly purchase the second season as soon afterwards as possible and then have to wait until September to start watching the third season along with the rest of the world. I don't know that I'll be able to wait a whole week between episodes!

Please understand, I'm the chick whose current DVR line-up includes Criminal Minds, Grey's Anatomy, The Good Wife, Law and Order SVU and Private Practice. Downton Abbey doesn't seem to belong in my typical TV preference list. The comparison reminds me of this classic Sesame Street song...

But in reality, Downton Abbey has everything necessary to satisfy my TV watching needs. For starters, the characters are incredibly rich. I told Teddy last night after watching episode 4 that I'm amazed at how much I love some of the characters and truly hate others.

Seriously, I'm in deep!

The writing is SOOOO good, the acting is impeccable and the costumes are fantastic. Plus, the show gives me some insight into ways of life to which I've never been exposed. It's just plain fun.

Here's an example. If you're a Maggie Smith fan, then you already appreciate her wit and timing. But if not, I am thrilled to introduce you to her! In Downton Abbey, she plays Violet, the Dowager Countess of Grantham. To the Grantham daughters she is known as "Granny." To the servants she is known as "Old Lady Grantham." To me, she is a hoot!

No joke, the hubby and I watched this last night and pressed the rewind button three or four times so we could watch this clip over again. I laughed louder each time. If you watch an episode or two of the show just to watch Maggie Smith and listen to some of her one-liners, then you are doing yourself a favor. She keeps me in stitches.

But the series is not a comedy. It is actually a drama. And I've cried as often as I've laughed. I haven't been this excited to watch a show in years, and I'm grateful to the Lee family for introducing us to it!

I highly recommend Downton Abbey to anyone who appreciates good story lines, great acting and direction, comedy and drama. But only if you can truly afford yourself the time to watch it. It's addictive!

Downton Abbey airs on Sunday nights on the PBS network. Please check your local listings for exact times.


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