In the words of my child, "Hey Mom... FAIL."

Wow. I have totally dropped the ball on this whole blogging thing. I feel like a bad friend. Okay, maybe not a bad friend, but certainly a bad blogger. I give bloggers a bad name. And I guess the old "I've just been so busy" excuse really doesn't cut it when a person hasn't written in over a month, huh? I will try to make up for it by telling you a little about what's been happening these last several weeks.

So this was kinda cool...

This is me with my buddy, Morgan Freeman. I've known him for such a long time, and he is one of my favorite friends EVER, as you can clearly see in this picture.

HA!! Not really. I don't know him at all, but you wouldn't know that when you see this, right? We look like we've been friends for years. I think that's why I like this photo so much. Well, that and because I'm in a picture with MORGAN freakin' FREEMAN!

So here's what really happened. My former employer, who actually does know Morgan, invited him to come to town to celebrate both of their birthdays. Both Morgan and Mr. Davison turn 75 this year. So they were celebrating "150 Years of Life." (Because 75+75=150... Get it?) Teddy and I were invited to the shindig.

On the buffet they served all of Morgan's favorite foods. I know this because he was interviewed in last month's Southern Living Magazine and told the reporter what he likes to eat. Among the entrees was fried chicken. Oh how I love fried chicken! So imagine my disappointment when, after waiting for 15 minutes in the food line, the chicken tray was empty. I almost cried. (Not really.) But a staff member told me to wait just a minute and they would bring more. So I'm waiting there at the chicken tray... I turn around, plate in hand... and standing RIGHT THERE is MORGAN FREEMAN! He was looking right at me, about a foot away. Here's how the conversation went:

Me - "I'm such a huge fan." (And for the record, I have NEVER said this to a celebrity type person. I just don't get that hyped up about famous people.)

Him, obviously after a couple of barley pops - "Hello, Huge."

Me - "No, no... my name's Linnea Allen."

Him - "Hello, Linnea. Nice to meet you." And he said my name correctly. Bonus!

Me, seeing my friend and photographer extraordinnaire, Allison Walsh, headed right for us - "Would you mind if I had my picture taken with you?"

Him - "You can have anything you want."  SCORE!!!!!!

Alli snapped the picture... Aaaaaaaaand that was it. That's the end of that story. But the picture rocks! OH! actually, that's not the end of the story. Later in the evening my precious step-human, Casey, who is an aspiring actor, got to have a real conversation with Morgan. It was somewhat inspiring, in a confusing, actor-y kinda way. Casey was juiced! It was a neat moment to watch. Proud!

In other news... We were able to go on vacation to the beach again this year. The weather was perfect. A little overcast most of the week, which cooled things off considerably, with showers right at lunchtime every day. So we would go up to the condo to eat lunch, and then by the time we were ready to go back down to the beach, it was sunny and the sand was cool. Sweet!

Probably the highlight of the week was the last day, when my daughter and her friend, Chandler, decided to ride the SkyCoaster, which is a cross between bungee jumping and a roller coaster, I guess.

The girls were strapped into large dress-looking-things with hooks all over them.

Then they walked up onto this really high platform where they were connected by hooks to the bungee cord.

Then, while facing the ground, they were raised by a crane about 100 yards in the air.

 Once they reached the top, Chandler pulled the lever and they dropped straight down and then started swinging back and forth, over the roof of the building, just flying EVERYWHERE. It was crazy.

I would have lost my lunch. But these two adrenaline junkies loved every minute of it. My bet is they would have done it over and over if it hadn't cost 20 bucks a pop.

Now that you have the details, here's the video:

I think that's enough for one post. Next time I write, hopefully in just a day or two, I will tell you about my experience emceeing the Miss Shreveport Pageant for the 12th year, my high school BFF Stephanie, and how my favorite Maltese, Lily, had her first cold. 
She was not the happy camper.

Have a great evening!


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