I once was worthless, but now I'm working...

I had a great vacation! The way the days fell on the calendar in 2009, with Christmas and New Years Day falling on Fridays (business holidays), I only had to use 5 days of vacation to be away from my desk from Christmas Eve until today. It was, for me, a wonderful and much needed break.

I was completely worthless during most of that time. I stayed in my flannel plaid pants and a sweatshirt practically the whole time and either read, watched movies or ballgames, or just hung out with friends and family. I ate a lot, too!

There were only 3 days during which I wasn't completely vegetated. Those were the days when Emi and her cheer team competed at the NCA National Competition in Dallas. The girls did a great job, with their point total putting them in 2nd place in the middle school division. I was proud!

But now... I'm back at work to face a pretty busy month. I have several events on the January calendar and our website goes live this week. So I've gone from completely worthless to working hard.

How sad is it that I can't wait 'til Friday?!


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