I'm beginning to feel a little bit like this poor girl. This ride is going too fast and I want off!!!!!

I'm just kidding. That's just what it feels like right now for me. As I wrote in my last post, I spent a week doing practically nothing during the holidays and enjoyed it immensely. But since I've been back at work it's been non-stop activity and action.

The website I've worked on for months went live at the end of last week, and this week I sent out 752 letters to our club members, giving them detailed instructions on how to log into the member side of the site, how to add their info to the membership directory and how to make dining and event reservations. So as of today, the website is up and running! Never in my life did I ever expect to add Website Administrator to my job title/description, but now I have. And this new addition comes with a lot of responsibility and extra work. But it's fun work, and I'm glad to be doing it.

As of last night, another duty was added to my job description: Bingo Caller. We had our monthly bingo game last night, and because the guy who had been running the show left the club to pursue another line of work, the microphone fell in my lap.

"B-4.... B-4...... Okay, the next number is O-75... O-75..."


We usually have between 45-65 people come to bingo each month, and they all have loads of fun. I did my best last night to crack some jokes and keep everybody laughing and enjoying themselves, but I've gotta be honest here... I'd rather have a tooth pulled. Seriously, if my boss said, "Linnea, you have two options. Either you can take over the monthly bingo games, or I'm going to send you to the dentist," I would choose the tooth extraction without hesitation.

I don't know what it is about that particular event that bugs me so bad. The people are really nice, and always have fun. It was a really easy event to run last night, with the exception of our new bingo machine spitting balls out frontways and backways and everywhere EXCEPT the tray where they're supposed land. I didn't feel like I was "onstage" or pressured in any way. And to lessen the stress even more, I made a couple of changes to organize the parts of the evening that were previously chaotic. So it shouldn't be something I dread, right?

Wrong. I'm still choosing tooth extraction, and it's not even close.

I don't, however, have an option, so I will do my best to have a better attitude, and be thankful for my job, with its odd mixture of duties.

I have a LOT going on in the next couple of months with the occupational gig. This Friday we have Karaoke in the 19th Hole, next Thursday is a ladies luncheon, and February brings with it another bingo game, a book club meeting, a Valentines dinner and a Father/Daughter dance. And of course, the Spring Style Show is at the beginning of March. That's a lot of stuff! Add to that all of my child's activities and that makes me one very busy little lady... who wishes she could have a couple more days on the sofa in sweat pants!


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