Cooking up a great Mother's Day weekend

What a great weekend we had at my house!

My real life mom came to visit Emily and me. She arrived Saturday morning and stayed until Sunday afternoon. We had so much fun! The three of us and my guy went out to eat lunch Saturday afternoon, but after that there was some heavy duty cooking going on at my house.

For dinner Saturday night we cooked Chicken Monterey, which even my picky-eater of a child raves about. Any time I tell her I'm going to cook this particular dish, she says, "Oh! Is that the FATTENING chicken?!?! That stuff is awesome!" It really is. I use organic, vegetable fed chicken (more expensive, but SO worth it) so it stays really tender. Along with the spice-coated chicken (chili powder, cumin and other spices), there's a cream sauce, corn tortillas, picante sauce and cream cheese all layered and covered in monterey jack cheese. The finished product is seriously good, and as Emily says, very fattening.

After we finished eating supper Saturday night, I put a roast in the crock pot for Sunday (I thank God for the guy/gal who invented the crock pot... one of this world's greatest creations), and we made an ice cream dessert that was good, too. Ice cream sandwiches, layered with crushed oreos in a fudge sauce, and covered in whipped cream. The only things I had to cook Sunday morning were the green bean casserole and the potatoes.

Sunday was awesome. I had to sing the solo at the 8:30 am church service, and not only was my own personal mother there to listen, but so was Sweeter! It was so neat to see both of my moms in the congregation. It made singing even more special.

We all went back to the house for lunch, which was yummy. The roast turned out great, and the company was even better. Mom and Sweeter both got on a roll telling stories about when my guy and I were kids; I haven't laughed that hard in a very long time. It was a fabulously fun day.

After the moms left, I cleaned up, and then dozed off for a while. I didn't realize how tired I was until I sat down... and fell asleep! I'm not a big fan of afternoon naps when the weather is pretty, but since it was rainy I didn't mind taking a little snooze.

And just when I thought all the week's surprises were over...

Later in the evening when I went to put some stuff away down the hall, I saw red rose petals and my favorite Bliss candies in a trail leading into one of the back rooms. I followed the trail to find a big trunk at the end. I opened the trunk and found a card from my daughter and my guy and yet another gorgeous pair of shoes.

My two favorite people went above and beyond to make sure I had a great week. My birthday and Mother's Day were so much fun this year, and I felt so very spoiled, something I've never experienced. Add to that the visit from my mom, and then from Sweeter... it was just a joyous weekend - and one I will never forget.


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