In case you were wondering...

A lot has happened since I last wrote. And since it's almost time for me to go home from work for the weekend, and because I'm EXHAUSTED, I won't go into too much detail. But in a nutshell...

I got married. And I went to Hawaii for my honeymoon. And it was fabulous!

The picture above was the view from our balcony. Yes, you can be jealous.

I will write about our trip and put up some more pictures next week. In my future post I will tell you about the Hawaiian Hobo Charge, a $15 grilled cheese, and guava juice from Eggs-n-Things. I will also mention a hiking adventure we took to the top of Diamond Head. And of course, I will talk about sand, sun and gorgeous Hawaiian beaches.

But right now, I'm tired and ready to go home and eat chicken, which is at this moment being cooked on the grill at my house by my wonderful husband.

So, until we meet again... I bid you adieu!


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