Memories are Sweeter

I love looking through old pictures. I have a big plastic box in my one of my closets full of pictures from high school and before, and more recent ones of Emily as a baby. I love looking through them because it brings back memories of times I have since forgotten.

So when my hubby pulled some old boxes out of storage this past weekend and found some pictures of him and his family that I hadn't ever seen, I was thrilled. It was so much fun seeing him as a college boy, and seeing pictures of his sisters when they were teenagers. Even better was when he pulled out two pictures of his mom, my mother-in-law, who everyone knows simply as Sweeter.

She may kill me for this, but isn't she pretty?! Sweeter was a school teacher before she retired a few years ago, and one who was beloved by her students. I believe this was one of her yearbook/ teacher photos. My yearbook pictures NEVER looked this good!

And this picture on the right shows her sense of humor. If you know my husband, then you know how funny he is. What you might not know is how funny his entire family is. Both of his sisters can make me laugh out loud when I'm least expecting it, as can his mom. Sweeter is the best storyteller EVER. Last Mother's Day she and my mom both came to the house to eat lunch with us, and Sweeter kept all of us in stitches telling stories about when Teddy was a little boy.

This picture makes me giggle. I also notice that she appears to be heating a cornbread pan. Mix a good laugh with a piece of good cornbread and you've got a really great combination. I am certain this was a fun night for all involved.

I have lots of old pictures to show you. I think I will post a few each week. That will be fun!


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