Two Movies and a Super Bowl

Okay, I talked to my mom this weekend and she mentioned that she checks this blog every morning and I haven't given her anything to read in the past two weeks.


She wasn't scolding me or anything - Mom never does that - she was just genuinely interested to see what I'd post next. I love my mom!

A lot has been going on, mostly with work. I've taken on (even more) added responsibilities with my job, and between the paper work, phone calls, website updates, membership tours, and events to coordinate and execute, I haven't had a free minute to even breathe too deeply. Luckily, though, the past couple of weekends have been work-free. So the hubby and I were able to squeeze in a couple of movies. And then there was the Super Bowl which was fun in a very stress-free way, since I really did not care who won the game.

A few words on these things...

The Rite - with Anthony Hopkins, Colin O'Donoghue and Alice Braga.
I liked this movie. The acting was really, really good. The effects were appropriately frightening and believable, which is hard to do in this sort of film I would think. I felt the film was slow in a couple of parts, but I was so anxious to find out what would happen in the end that it might have been due to my own impatience, rather than a problem with the show itself. Overall, we were entertained - and that's what movies are all about, right?

Black Swan - starring Natalie Portman.
As my stepson wrote on his facebook wall, "There's Natalie Portman, and there's everybody else." That pretty much sums up my feelings regarding this movie, as well. The film was very dark, there were some seriously graphic scenes, and I wasn't crazy about the ending. But I was also mesmerized by Portman's performance. She was brilliant.

Super Bowl Stink-Up
I love Christina Aguilera. In fact, that's another thing my precious stepson, Casey, and I have in common. We both have a deep appreciation of her vocal ability. You may not like how she looks, or how she dresses, or even the songs she sings. But the girl has some serious pipes. Case in point, a video Casey sent me a few months ago:

See? She can SING!

So here's the question... What on earth happened at the Super Bowl???

Maybe she should have written the words on her hand. Or her shoe. Or on someone else's backside. I don't know, but I'm thinking if I am singing the National Anthem on world wide television for the Super Bowl I'm going to make sure of two things: 1) I'm going to get the words right, and 2) I'm going to sing the song the way it was written. Sure, I may put a little inflection on it, but I'm not going to rewrite the whole song so I can "make it mine." Our National Anthem and the people who fight for our freedom deserve more respect than that.  Do I still like her? Yes! Do I still think she can sing? Of course! But this was a massive fumble. I feel bad for her. And I'm seriously glad it wasn't me.

This post has taken me an entire week to write. I started writing it on Monday, and it is now Friday at 4:43pm. Monday we had a big night at work; Mickey Gilley came and gave a concert! He was great, and fun was had by all. I will be working tomorrow night, too, for our annual Father Daughter Dance. So it has once again been a busy week! And now I'm headed home to cook dinner for my family.

I hope you and yours have a wonderful weekend!


rick said…
Linnea ..Bravo to you for having such a busy.. entertaining job to go to that must definitely exercise your creativity skills often.

On the films you saw ,I did see "The Black Swan".. Agree with you totally about It. Natalie Portman hopefully will win Oscar gold for this film.

If you haven't seen "The Fighter", I highly reccomend it. Was the best film I have seen this year so far.

I just saw "Unknown" with Liam Neeson ( not sure if I spelled his name correctly)..Anyway the ads for the film say it was better than "Taken". In my opinion it wasn't anywhere near as good.

Lastly,,, I too will always appreciate Christina Aguellera for her raw talent . I hope she is not having so many personal issues that it affects her life the way some of her contemporaries have had. The National Anthem takes on a bit more meaning to folks like me who grew up here in Baltimore where the whole Francis Scott Key / Ft McHenry history resides. I fish and crab sometimes right where the battle took place..

Having said that I quietly agree with critics of the song and how they take issue with it's cumbersome lyrics and melody. I understand fully why many believe "America the Beautiful" should be our Anthem. But because I'm a Baltimore native and a war vet, Im glad it's still our nation's song..

Sorry for being long winded.. Hope you have an enjoyable rest of the winter...BTW IM going to Hawaii for my first time in a few weeks. My cousin bought a house overlooking the ocean in Mauii. Im only going to that Island on this trip. Im very excited. flying from Baltimore to Dallas to Mauii..any tips or points of interest at the Island that you can give me? I know you have spent time on Oahu but have you been to Mauii??

Take Care,
Linnea said…
Well, rats! I really was looking forward to seeing "Unknown," but maybe I'll just wait for the DVD. My stepson has also been telling us we need to see the "Fighter." It must be really good.

Ahhhhh, Maui. Such a beautiful place. I wish I could give you a list of places to go, but I only went there once for a weekend and it was back in 1993. The only place I went that is probably still there is the Hard Rock Cafe. Ha! But I'm sure Maui is just a gorgeous as it was back then. Have fun!

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