Since this is our last day, and all...

I must say, it's been an interesting couple of weeks! And according to a very large group of people, I better make today as interesting as possible, too, because tomorrow, May 21, 2011, the earth will begin to self-destruct. (You can read the story HERE.) I'm not sure why anyone thinks they know the actual date of the end of the world, especially those of this opinion who call themselves Bible scholars. The Bible specifically points out in Matthew 24:36 "However, no one knows the day or the hour when these things will happen, not even the angels in heaven or the Son himself." Jesus said those words after he foretold the Tribulation. In fact, if you go back and read the entire 24th chapter of Matthew, you will be reminded of things that will happen before Christ comes back. It won't be pretty... I get a little scared every time I read about it.

Would I be happy if all of Christ's followers were raptured tomorrow? Absolutely!!! I'd be thrilled! Because I have no doubt I'd be one of them. But suffice it to say that I'm pretty sure I'll be singing with the church choir on Sunday and then come back to work on Monday.

But all of this talk about the rapture got me to thinking about Heaven. And I have some questions. Feel free to add to this list in the comments section!


WILL WE EAT UP THERE?    On first thought, I figure we will. After all, if you love to eat (which I definitely do!) and some of your life's greatest pleasure is derived from either cooking or eating, then of course we would be able to do those things in Heaven. The best meals we have ever had should be in Heaven , right? And Jesus ate meals with his disciples after he was resurrected. So with our heavenly bodies (see 1 Corinthians 15:42-44) we obviously are ABLE to eat. But do we HAVE to eat? There will be no more death, so nourishment shouldn't be an issue... you see where I'm going here? The eating question leads me to my next question.

WILL WE GO TO THE BATHROOM?  I won't elaborate on this thought. (You're welcome.) But I have another eating related follow up question...

WILL WE HAVE TO BRUSH OUR TEETH? Okay, see, I'm guessing we eat if we want to, and I know that after I eat I always like to brush my teeth. But there will be no more aging, or decay of our heavenly bodies. So I suppose we wouldn't have to brush our teeth. If we chose not to brush our teeth, would we have halitosis? I can't imagine having bad breath in Heaven, but perhaps you understand why I'm asking.

WILL WE BE NAKED? Adam and Eve were nekkid as jaybirds before Eve bit into the apple. So since there will be no more sin, will we all be wearing our spiritual birthday suits up there? I hope not. I derive a lot of pleasure out of wearing awesome looking shoes.

WILL WE HAVE JOBS? I don't think we will have to work for money, but I think we will all have something we do to contribute to the heavenly kingdom. I really hope my job involves music.

WHAT ABOUT OUR PETS? Will my precious Lily be there? I hope so. I just hope she's completely housebroken by then. But then, I guess if none of us has to go to the bathroom, then I won't have to worry about that!

Will we have houses? Swimming pools? Can we go to the beach? Will my mom still be able to dig in the garden, since that's what she loves to do? Will my husband still write? Will we still talk out loud to each other, or is there some sort of mental telepathy up there? Will I be able to run faster, jump higher.. or maybe even FLY?!?!?!

I have lots more questions. And I'm certain I will know the answers soon enough... I just don't believe it will be tomorrow.


Some pictures from the past few weeks...

Squire Creek Crawfish Boil
     These pictures are from my dear friend Allison Peatross, who has a photography business called Picture This Photography in Ruston.

A little secret about the last picture above... I have a mouth full of chocolate ice cream. If you look close, you can see chocolate on my bottom lip!

And these, also from Allison, are from our Easter egg hunt. It was a great event! The weather was perfect and everybody had fun.


Lisa said…
You look happier than I've ever seen you in these pics--beautiful as always :) Your friend has some fantastic shots.
Linnea said…
Thank you, Lisa! I am happier than I've been in a really long time. God is so very good.

And yes, Allison is not only a wonderful photographer, but a really good person, too. You'd like her a lot.

Talk to you soon!!!
rick said…

Your husband's funny writing is rubbing off on you. Good stuff! I was wondering if we would ever sleep in Heaven.. Im not sure if anyone (including myself ) could handle 24/7 of me! I like a Sunday nap after church and dinner!
Linnea said…
Rick, that's a great question!!! And I'm with you... a good Sunday nap is always good between early morning church and evening services, unless the weather is perfect. In that case I must be outside!

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