I don't care much for creepy crawlers. Especially if they're big. Or they sting.

They freak me out.

So yesterday, when two insects from the big and stinging variety decided to pitch tent upon my sliding glass door... FOR HOURS... needless to say, it bugged me a bit. (Pun intended.)

As I'm sure you know, this is a wasp. I'm fully aware that they are a common sight here in the South. So seeing one doesn't usually cause me much alarm, unless of course it is coming right at me. Or I step on it barefooted, like I did my sophomore year in high school, which was immensely disconcerting. And painful.

But this guy spooked me. Why? Because he stayed on my door ALL DAY. I went home to eat lunch with Emily and he was there. I got home after work and he was STILL there. I know what you're thinking... but, no, it was the same wasp. During the lunch hour, I tried hitting the glass with my shoe and then a fly-swatter to try to make it fly away, but it wouldn't move. Emi told me when I got back home after work that she had kept her eye on it for the past few hours, and while it had walked (go figure) a few feet from its original position, it had not flown away. After work, I hit the glass again to see if it would move, and this time it did. But instead of flying away, it rotated itself around on it's creepy little legs to look right at me. That's when I snapped the picture. Gives me the heebie jeebies just thinking about it. Ick.

Aaaaand then, there was this guy.

I don't know if you can really appreciate how freaky this thing was, but imagine walking in the front door and seeing this sight almost eye level on the back glass. It was about 2 inches long, maybe a little longer. I tried hitting the glass with this guy, too, and like the wasp, he didn't budge.

Until he did it on his own terms.

After a while, he creeped down the glass and onto the ground.

He crawled around for a while, while the wasp stayed put, both of the bugs very close to Lily's doggie door. So I put the lock/cover on her little door to protect her. Well, actually, who am I kidding? I guess I was protecting me, since I had already envisioned both of these varmints pushing their way through the little flap and heading straight for my head. I even grabbed the bottle of wasp killer and put it on the counter closest to  the glass. I thought of it as insurance.

Luckily, just when I thought my skin couldn't crawl anymore (yes, another pun) and had convinced myself I would certainly have nightmares that night, I saw a hummingbird. Then all was right with the world.

Oh, how I love a hummingbird.

That precious little creature brought me such joy. They are so tiny and quick and pretty. I watched the itty bitty birdie for a few minutes and then made up my mind to not look at the glass anymore. I decided I'd rather delight in the serenity of the hummingbird's beauty, than continue to creep myself out by the things I fear. I suppose that's the way I should live my life, too.


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