The Way I See It...

It doesn't take much to make me laugh most of the time. And frequently, when I see the humor in something and share it with someone else, they don't think it's nearly as funny as I do. So I won't get offended if this post doesn't get you to giggle.

See, I came across something this weekend that I must share with you, because when I saw it I nearly spit out my Dr. Pepper. A small pre-photo explanation... My hunky hubby receives a lot of mail, mostly in the form of catalogs, due primarily to the fact that he orders a lot of stuff online. And because this mail is a regular occurrence at our house, I don't usually even notice it much of the time. But this weekend one of these catalogs caught my eye - the Duluth Trading Co catalog. Here's the cover: (You might need to click on these images to read the fine print. I marked them with "Look Here" yellow tags and arrows.)

  No joke, I started giggling so much I nearly choked on my carbonated beverage. Then I flipped through the first couple of pages and found this.

At first I thought it might be a joke, as did my stepson when I showed him. But we were both surprised to figure out that this is a real catalog marketing workman-type clothing to guys who need protective gear for physical labor. I have to say I think this is pretty brilliant. Just because I thought it was funny, I've already shown it to several people in person and am now blogging about it. It's great advertising. My hat goes off to this bunch of marketing folk, and I thank them for the laugh.

I also think it's funny that while the Duluth Trading Co. is marketing shirts to COVER backdrafts, other people seem to welcome the extra ventilation.

I'm sorry, but I just don't get it. I know I'm older and all, but what's the point of this? And notice... he's wearing a belt. I suppose because he wants to hold his pants RIGHT THERE.

Awww, would you just look at the cute hearts on his drawers? See, he's not wearing his heart on his sleeve, he's wearing it on his.... well, nevermind. Seriously, if someone could explain this fad to me I'd be most appreciative. I thank you in advance. When the saggy pants thing first started, I honestly thought it would be a quickly passing (anti)fashion thing. But it has hung around... below the fanny, anyway. Why is this still happening? Anyone?

Okay, one more thing and I'll let you go. Emily and I made a quick trip through the Wendy's drive-thru a couple of weeks ago and saw this.

A bit confusing, don't ya think? I almost put the car in reverse...


rick said…
Linnea,,That is too funny,, I can't believe how cleaver that marketing dept was in coming up with this idea..When I moved down to Shreveport in 2000 and saw on a shelf a product called "Butrow's Butt Paste" I thought that was a joke as totally don't get the pants half down as well...
I know of young people who don't get it either but like you said// It's still around..Thanks for such a "fun" blog- Rick
Linnea said…
Hey Rick!

I think there's a fine line between cute/clever and distasteful, especially in marketing campaigns. But when you find the right balance and use humor with it, it's practically genius.

About the saggy pants... I think it would be a pain in the you-know-what to try to get them to stay in that one place, at the rear, all the time. You'd either be constantly pulling them up or walking funny so they wouldn't drop to the floor. So truly... I don't get it.

Thanks for the comment! Have a great day!

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