So, this is what I've been doing lately...

I am one of this year's contestants. Trust me, I'm in WAAAAAYYY over my head. I thought it would be fun, but now I'm just hoping I don't hurt myself. I'm used to hearing people tell me to "break a leg," but I really hope I don't break anything at this event.

I'm dancing with a partner named Nathaniel, who is very nice and a good dancer. But he lives in Texas, which means I haven't had a whole lot of rehearsal. If this were a singing competition, the 4-5 times we've rehearsed would be more than enough time for me to have my act together. But since it's a dance competition... well, let's just say I'm not as comfortable and confident as I wish I were at this point. But I'll do my best, and it's a fundraiser for the Louisiana Delta Ballet for which my company bought a couple of tables, so I've done my part.

The event is this Friday... If I'm not too embarrassed, I'll let you know how it goes. :)

Also, this was in my backyard a couple of weeks ago...

It's been two weeks of a big ol' mud pit. But as of today, things are finally starting to shape up. I'll have post-mud pictures for you at the end of the week, if all goes according to plan!


Rick said…
Wow Linnea..You do not let grass grow under your feet for one second. That is too cool to be involved in dancing competition. you do it all!!!

I was kinda concerned after not seeing anything on here for almost two months that something had happened to you. Glad your alive and really kickin it up..It sure looks like your putting in a pool in your back yard???

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