Swimming and Dancing

So, first things first... I didn't break a hip at the dancing event, and I made it into the top 5, so that's good! I also think my husband and daughter were surprised by how well I did. Emily was texting me while I was backstage, and giving me her thoughts on my competitors' routines. A few of her texts:

"Outfit looks GREAT!"

"LOVED IT! You rocked!"

"They didn't use the stage at all. You were def (definitely) better."

"It was a gym routine. They didn't even dance!"

And after my second round performance," It was wonderful! Even better than the first time!"

Gosh, I SO love my sweet child!

When I asked her what the hubby thought, she texted, "Teddy and Ryan (my boss) said if you don't win they will kick somebody's ass! Sorry for the word!"

It was a fun night. But I am certainly glad it's over, and I think my dancing days are done.

So in the past 3-4 weeks, my backyard went from this:

To This!

We still have a long way and several months to go, but it's slowly coming together. I finished the master bath and will post photos soon. We still have sod, fence, and landscaping left to do on the outside, and a whole lot of painting on the inside AND outside.  But by summertime we should be finished. And I'm looking forward to a very un-busy summer season!


Rick said…

If those pics were any indication of your dance performance i'd say you are ready for "Dancin with the Stars"..Now that's staying young and vibrant..
Your pool looks outstanding!..What a huge back yard you have..I've been a pool owner for years and love it. Hubby will definitiely have some weekend work on his hands form now on. Tell him to stay out of the trees.He can't afford to get hurt now.(HA!). Love your blog - take care - Your old Maryland friend - Rick
Linnea said…
Hey Rick!

Teddy had a pool at his home in Shreveport and loved it. He is totally willing to make the sacrifice! Also, we had to cut down the big maple tree - the one you saw in my past post. I actually cried when I saw my yard without it for the first time. It was SO beautiful. But the roots had already started cracking the slab on my patio... it was just a matter of time before the house would have been in danger, too.

I'm going to try to do better at posting on this blog. I have sort of dropped the ball lately!

Thanks for stopping by!

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