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I can't believe I'm writing again so soon, but here I am! I've had a really busy, but truly great day. And I just have to say this... I love my job. I love the work I do, I love the people I get to work with, I love my office... it's just a really great place to work. The coolest part of all? Pretty much everybody else who works for my company would say exactly the same thing. Our culture is something that's really special, and unlike other businesses that use "culture" as a buzz word to replace "customer service," ours is clearly defined. My title is Culture Communications Officer, and it's my job to make sure that the communication, both internal and external, reflects who we are. Today I had the opportunity to direct the filming of a video that will explain our culture in definitive terms, and it was so much fun! So there's that.


So, I'd like to share a few thoughts, two of which I mentioned in my last post. I'll make them as short as possible, and I apologize if I offend any of the 5 people who will probably read this post. Please feel free to share your views in the comment section below!

1. I was nearly killed last Wednesday night. I was driving home, in my little Toyota Camry, when I had to come to a complete stop and wait for traffic to clear in order to turn left onto my street. I looked in my rearview mirror and saw a white suburban barreling toward me, not even beginning to slow down. There was a woman driving (I could tell from the height of her hair) and when she finally looked up and slammed on her brakes, her car fishtailed and the tires squealed. Luckily, there was no one stopped in front of me and I was able to hit the accelerator to get out of the way. I was freaked out about that incident for two days. I realize I got out of there unscathed, and for that I am extremely grateful. But all I could think about for those two days was what would have happened if that had been Emily in her little Honda Civic. I can tell you. She would not have been looking in the rearview mirror, the woman would have hit her going about 45 miles per hour, and it would have propelled my child's car either into one of the telephone poles that are about 15 feet from that spot, or into the ditch, or into an oncoming vehicle. What in the world could have been so important in a residential neighborhood that would keep you from paying attention to the road at 5 pm when the traffic is heavy?! I'm fairly certain the woman was messing with her phone. I prayed about the incident that night and the day after. I prayed that the woman learned her lesson, and won't endanger anyone else's life. I also prayed that I would learn from her mistake, as well, and be more careful driving.

2. I really don't want to get on a political rant. But I just don't understand why politicians, primarily our president, are supporting legislation that would cut Social Security. They are calling SS an entitlement. So let me get this straight... Since I was a teenager and had a job, the government has taken money out of my check. They've taken federal income tax, state income tax, and they've taken Social Security. But they've always told me that I would get that Social Security money back... that they were just basically borrowing it and would give it back to me when I retired. It's supposed to be like a savings account in the government's bank. Since it's my money that they are taking from me... since I PAID for Social Security... it is NOT an entitlement. But those people who do not work and get paid to do nothing? That's called Welfare. And Welfare is an entitlement. They didn't pay money out of their paychecks because they aren't earning a paycheck. They aren't working. Those of us who are working are paying them to not work. That's an entitlement. And it's not fair. It's not right. And the non-workers are NOT entitled to take my money away from me. If the government is going to continue to take that money, but not give it back to me, then quit calling it Social SECURITY. Just call it what it is... more income tax. If they are going to cut entitlements, then cut the programs that give people something for nothing.

3. Medicaid -- See # 2.

4. In Ruston, where I live, we have a large number of people who have taken to the roads to get in shape. They're doing this on bicycles. And they're doing this on two lane roads with heavy traffic, four lane highways with even more traffic, two lane country roads with lots of hills AND lots of traffic. Now, I am 100% in favor of people riding bicycles. But I do not pay taxes on my vehicles so I can nearly crash my car trying to avoid a person on a bicycle who happens to be riding less than 5 miles per hour on a road where I am allowed to drive 45 mph. Neither are the people driving the 10 cars behind me who cannot get past the person on the bicycle. It's dangerous and it should be against the law. Again... my daughter drives a car here, too. As a 17 year old driver, who is by all accounts very careful behind the wheel, Emily often drives on these roads. What if she, or any other young driver, driving the speed limit and as carefully as possible, comes around a curve, or over a hill and accidentally hits a person on a bicycle who is riding at 3-5 mph on a road designed for automobiles? What if that bicyclist dies? How does a 17 year old get over something like that? How does she ever get behind the wheel of a car again? She would have done nothing wrong, but still endure all the blame, and tremendous survivor's guilt. And why? Because the person on the bike cared so little about anyone else on the road that they felt it was just fine to block traffic and to endanger young drivers. There are bike trails, and there are larger residential roads that have extra space for joggers, bicyclists, and other folks who are getting on the roads to get healthy. If bicyclists think it's unfair that smaller cities don't have bike lanes on major thoroughfares, then they should campaign to have the cities create them. Until that time, it should be illegal to ride your bike on high traffic roads and highways. (I'm not hard-hearted, and do have compassion and sympathy toward the hypothetically dead cyclist's family and loved ones. Just sayin'.)

5. I have become addicted to a substance that is so incredibly good and probably really, really bad for me.
Oh, my sweet heaven, this stuff is like crack. (I'm guessing here. I've never actually partaken of crack.) Even my precious hubby, who is a black coffee with just a half teaspoon of sweetner kinda guy, likes the stuff. I have found myself to be even more caffeine-jittery than usual, because I've been carrying it with me in zip lock bags to work every morning, AFTER I've already had a cup at home. Use this stuff at your own risk!

I guess that's it for now! Feel free to leave a comment. If no one comments, I'll just take it for granted that all of you agreed with me. :)


Rick said…

So good to hear from you again so soon after your last post. Wish this would become a habit for you..heee. I wish there was a way I could send you a pic of the $4,500.00 worth of car damage that a woman, who was texting , inflicted on the rear end of my car two months ago. I was somewhat lucky in that I was coming to a stop light and have made it a habit to check the car behind me. Sure enough this woman was clearly not aware that the light was red and was barreling towards me. I turned to my right as best I could to the right hand curb and I honked my horn. She still managed to side swipe me and plow into another car. I have had other close calls before this. I agree. This texting has gotten out of hand. We have laws here in Maryland but I don't see it enforced yet. The same goes here with bikers. You are not alone.

I am so happy for you that you have such an incredibly upbeat place to work. It makes all the difference in the world to love coming to work. It will add years to your life..uhh unless someone texting does you in!!!!! Have you been in your pool yet? Is it heated???.. Love hearing from you..Your Maryland buddy, Rick ..PS if you care to see how my daughter and her family are doing check out her Blog.. 4 men and a lady .. Her name is April Maus ..She does the weather and occasional news at a CBS affiliate in Detroit ch 62..
Linnea said…
Hi Rick!

I can always count on three people to read this blog -- my mom, my mother in law, and you. And you usually leave a comment, too, so thanks!

I'm so sorry about your car and the woman who was texting. The sad thing is that people are now so addicted to their cell phones they can't put them down for a second. This is especially true of the younger generation, but I'm seeing many grown-ups texting while driving, too, which is crazy. I'm glad you weren't hurt, and I hope Ms. Text had to pay the damages. Maybe that would teach her a lesson.

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