It's 09/09/09... Anything special happenin' in your world?

I didn't even realize the significance of today's date until about 3pm. And I've been so freakin' busy the past few weeks at work, that while there, I don't even have the time to ponder things of that nature.

So I'm at home now, and thinking back on my day and trying to come up with something special that may have gone on. Hmmm...

Meeting at 9am, followed by a 9:30 conference call... Not so special.

Created and sent out weekly e-newsletter filled with upcoming events, tournaments, and activities... simply a weekly chore. Not special.

Took an hour to go eat lunch at home. Had a tuna sandwich... Good, but nothing special.

Got back to work and answered phones for an hour for our receptionist/executive assistant so she could go eat lunch... Not so special.

Wrote letters to fall style show vendors and created a stage/room layout so they can get a better idea of how the models should display their outfits... Not even a little special.

Put together a list of participating children for our Kids Club, which included phone numbers, emergency contact information and allergies... Important, but not special.

Left work at 4:30 with Betsy and Leah to go visit Mrs. Onnie in the hospital. Mrs. Onnie is one of our favorite people working at the club. She's a fabulous cook/chef who makes us all muffins and breakfast in the morning just because she wants to "fatten us up." We love Mrs. Onnie, and were all terribly scared when we found out she had a stroke this weekend. It was minor, thank God, and when we visited her today she was all smiles and said to us,"I didn't know how many people loved me until I had a stroke!" Apparently, nearly our entire staff has been visiting and calling. She beamed when she saw "her girls." And we were smiling just as big to see that she's doing well. We love our Mrs. Onnie and she loves us.

Now THAT'S something special.


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