On the Screen and in the Bed

I don't think I have enough material to write a post about one thing in particular, but here are a few of my recent thoughts/observations/shenanigans.

At the Movies:
~My daughter and I went to see the All About Steve, starring Sandra Bullock and a goofy (and quite ugly) pair of red boots, at the theater a couple of weeks ago. Midway through the movie, I leaned over to my child and said, "Are you liking this at all?"

She replied, "Not even a little."

I said, "Do you think it's funny?"

She answered, "Not even a little."

We stuck it out until the end, but both agreed that we wouldn't go see the flick again even if we were paid to do so. The humor was forced and the storyline was silly. I could see what the writers were trying to do, but the finished product just didn't work. If you haven't seen it yet, don't bother. Use your money on something more worth your while.

~ This past Saturday, I went solo to see Love Happens in Monroe. I was thankful my friend Allison had already forwarned me to bring the tissues because, unlike its billing, this movie is NOT a romantic comedy. It is a drama. Are there some funny parts? Yes, but this is by no means a "tickle your funny bone" kinda film. It is one, however, that I enjoyed very much.

I cried throughout the movie, but that might have been because I personally related to the issues with which several of the characters struggled. Jen Aniston and Aaron Eckhart were both great, and the surrounding cast was fun to watch, as well. This is a movie that I will probably see again, even if I wait until it comes out on DVD. If you like love stories, but don't mind shedding a tear or two, then this is your kinda movie.

On the Tube:
~I have a new favorite show! Criminal Minds is right up my alley - murder, suspense and thrills abound - but combines a twist that is uncommon in most shows of the same genre. It's about a team of FBI profilers, so the characters frequently talk about abnormal psychology - antisocial personality disorder, multiple personality disorder... stuff like that. So it allows me to use my counseling/psychology background to analyze the storylines and characters. It's fun! Plus, even though they only skim the actual disorders and psychopathology, the writers have done a good job of researching the topics. So it's usually pretty accurate, if in a simplistic way. Criminal Minds has become the latest "series recording" on my DVR.

~Emi and I are once again watching Dancing with the Stars. I usually watch about half the season and then get bored. But I have to say, as long as Donny Osmond stays on the show without getting booted off, I'll be watching. During my childhood years, Donny and Marie were on top of my list of favorite performers.

When I was in the 2nd grade, my dad came home from work one night and surprised me with tickets to the Osmond concert which was at the Hirsh Coliseum that very night. It was awesome! I came home from the show with a lifesized poster of Donny and Marie that hung on my wall from that night until I entered high school. I still love Donny today because, even as a 51 year old man, he seems so wholesome. Now, it may be an act and just part of the Osmond persona, but it appears that the family really is as nice and kind as they are portrayed to be. You just don't see "wholesome" anymore. It's not "cool" to be wholesome. But it's cool to me. And watching Donny dance has brought this middle-aged chick a ton of joy.

In the Bed:
~Don't get excited. There's nothing going on here at all but sleeping, and that's what I'm writing about.

I have a king size bed, and for years have just slept on one side of the bed. (I have always gravitated to whatever side of the bed is the farthest from the door, whether at home, at a hotel, at Mom's house. Weird, huh?) But recently I've started sleeping right smack in the middle of the bed. Why? I could give you some psychologically significant reason, but the fact is my mattress has gotten a little lumpy. Due to the fact that I've slept for years on the same spot, and usually on my left side, you can look at my mattress and see exactly where my shoulder, hip and knees lie. The mattress has molded to my body. You'd think that would make it more comfortable, but actually it does the opposite. There's no support. So now I'm sleeping in the middle!

One day the center of my mattress might become lumpy, too, and I'll have to sleep on the other side of the bed. I hope not, though. It's too close to the door.


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