Easter Prep

The busy schedule continues, with two of our annual events coming up within a week of each other: the Easter Egg Hunt and our Crawfish Boil. Our Easter Egg Hunt for the kids is this Saturday, and I've decided to create a photo backdrop, instead of having the Easter Bunny pictures taken outside, since typically it's a bit cold for the kiddos. Also, there's a chance of rain, so I needed an alternate plan.

Here's what my office looks like, leading up to Saturday's festivities:

This is the skeleton of my photo backdrop. I will be covering it with floral wrap and daisies, leftover from our style show. I'll add a picture of the final product when I'm done "creating."

The floral wrap...

The bags of goodies for the kiddies...

The 30 gallon bucket of eggs. There are 888 candy-filled eggs in this blue tub.

All of this creating a huge mess in the far corner of my office. It looks like Easter threw up in here.

More later!...

Okay, it's 4:30 pm and I just finished the Easter Bunny Photo Wall. Here it is!


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