Happy Birthday Emily!!!!

My precious Punk (short for Punkin') is, as of today, a young lady of 14. I could not be more proud of her or love her more. She's the best daughter a mother could ever have.

Happy Birthday, Punk!


Jeanne said…
Happy Birthday. It was a beautiful day for a birthday...Hope it was happy. Remember, when your Mom let's you date,I have 2 great guys...Jeanne
Linnea said…
Jeanne - So good to hear from you on here!

She did have a good birthday! We took her to eat at IHop (her request) Tuesday night, I got up early and made her cinnamon rolls on Wednesday (her favorite) and then took her Cane's and ate with her at school that afternoon. Add the gifts and...well... she had a great day!

And don't worry, those two guys of yours are never too far from my mind. :)

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