Just a few fun pictures

I was just looking through my picture files and found a few I thought were either fun or cool. So I figured I'd share!

This was after the kickball party. Some of the cupcakes got too hot and the frosting melted off. So I was re-frosting them and Emily came in. It was all downhill from there. By the time we finished, we had chocolate EVERYWHERE!

I took this one back in February when it snowed so much. I love this picture of my two daughters.

My friend Allison snapped this at the end of the Spring Style Show. I was kneeling down on the stage talking to her and leaning on the wall because I was exhausted, and she said, "wait a minute," and put her camera up to her face and took this picture. I hate it when she does that! But I love her for wanting to.

This was the night before Style Show, when Baileigh was decorating, and her darling little baby daughter, Avah, was ready to eat. So Emily did the honors... this was the first time Emi ever fed a baby!

And this was when Emi WAS a baby! She was such a precious little princess! And here, she just blew me a kiss. MWAH!!!


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