Homecoming 2010

Well, the Homecoming nonsense may have been over the top and ridiculous (see post below), but I gotta say... my girl sure did look purty!!! She looked beautiful, had a great time, and made it home safely. So all in all, things turned out just fine.

But NEXT year, we will be taking the madness down a notch or two. Even Emi agreed to that!


rick said…
Hi Linnea,

Wow . What a beautiful pic of your lovely daughter and you.She looks so much like you. Brings back memories of my daughter 10 years ago . I'm so glad everything turned out. It's apparent you have done an excellent job of raising her. They grow up so quickly . I know your savoring every minute you have with her... From - Your Annapolis buddy - Rick
Linnea said…
Thanks Rick!

Yes, I am acutely aware of how quickly she has grown up. And I know that high school will be over before we can blink an eye. So I try to embrace and be grateful for every moment I have with her. I know once she is grown I will even wish I could go through the madness of just one more homecoming!

Take care up there!

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