No Rest for the Weary

Busy does not even begin to describe my life as of late. Last week there was not a single night (Sunday through Sunday) that I was able to just relax at home. Or even BE at home. Here's how the week went:

Monday - Freshman game at Ouachita where Emi cheered

Tuesday - Bingo at work (I run the event - Ugh.)

Wednesday - Church/choir practice

Thursday - School open house and cheerleader silent auction (we were there until after 9pm)

Friday - High school football game

Saturday - College football game

Sunday - Church (Choir sings at 8:30 am), taught Sunday school, evening church, dinner with friends

And it all starts over this week. Add work to the mix, and I'm sure you can see that a night on the couch watching television seems almost heavenly. It wasn't too long ago that I spent most every night doing nothing of real value or importance. I came home from work, usually worked out, cooked dinner and then vegged in front of the television, watching my favorite shows with my favorite kid.

Ah yes, my favorite television shows. Herein lies an issue. This week is premiere week. Criminal Minds, Grey's Anatomy, Brothers and Sisters... I will probably not be home for any of them. Of course, even that's not an issue due to the fact that some genius created the DVR. All of my shows will be taped! But finding the time to actually WATCH them will be a challenge.

Would I rather be watching TV than watching my child cheer? Heck no! Would I rather be soaking in the glow of the picture tube than singing with the church choir, or teaching Sunday school or accompanying my family to an event? Absolutely not. I do NOT think the grass was greener when my life was boring. But I can say this with all honesty... I do look forward to escaping reality for a few hours to watch my favorite crime drama, the silliness of Seattle Grace Hospital, and the turmoil of the Brothers and Sisters. Because even though my own reality is fabulous and everything I had always hoped it would be, it's always fun to inject myself into the unpredictable world of Hollywood... if only for a little while.


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