So, guess what I did this past weekend...

I bought a dress for Homecoming.

No, not for myself. The dress is for my darling daughter who will have her very first-ever date for her high school's homecoming dance at the end of September.

Lord help me.

My mother will have to help me remember for sure, but I do not recall Mom and I spending 5 hours driving from store to store to find "just the right thing." I know I was probably picky, but I'm not even in the same league as my child in the picky department. She likes bows, but only if they're on the back of the dress. She prefers blue, but not THAT shade of blue. She appreciates if a dress fits good, but not if the seams are done like THIS.

We looked at 10 different stores. It took all day. In one store alone she tried on over 20 dresses. Tired doesn't even describe how I felt when she finally decided on
THE dress. And ecstatic doesn't describe the feeling when I looked at the price tag and it said it was marked down to... are you ready?... 20 bucks!!!


She really liked a dress from that same store that cost 7 times that. But I told her if I bought that dress, then she was on her own for shoes and jewelry. I thank my lucky stars that she is rather frugal with her own money. With mine? Not so much. But because she didn't want to give up any of HER cash, she chose the less expensive dress, which is a good thing for her, too, because it fits her better than any other dress she tried on INCLUDING the more expensive one. So it all worked out.

Well, except for the fact that my child is actually going on a date. With a boy. In a strapless dress, make-up, jewelry and heels. That is excrutiatingly painful.

I've decided I'm going to tell my precious child that my husband and I will be chaperoning the dance. That might be enough to convince her not to go. Ha!

If she does indeed go to this dance, I need to buy a shotgun, so I can pretend to be cleaning it when her date arrives at the door. If only I could find one of those for 20 bucks...


Linnea said…
From Mom via email:

Just read your blog about the "dress" and the "date". And yes it did bring back memories for me. I especially remember the beauty pageant (high school) dress buying adventures. Don't know that they took 5 hours though. At her age, the hardest part for you was finding anything that fit right in the first place. And there were only a few places that carried things that did fit you, so it narrowed the shopping avenues a bit.

Anyway, I loved the blog. Love, Mom

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