Happy March!

What a pretty day it is outside! I would be thoroughly enjoying my quiet day at work, with rays of sunshine beaming through the window next to my desk, if it weren't for the paint fumes I'm inhaling with every breath and the redneck music blasting through the halls, which is apparently a necessary part of a painter's craft. Sigh...


But as my head swims and my brain begins to hurt from the unintentional huffing, I rejoice the coming spring. Happy first day of March, y'all!

March is a really sweet month, not only because brown starts to turn back into green and temperatures are at their finest, but also because a couple of important people have birthdays. Check this out: my mom's birthday is March 3. And my mother-in law's birthday is... MARCH 3! How cool is it that both my mom and my husband's mom have the same birthday?!?! I think that's pretty neat. I posted a couple of pictures of Sweeter in my last post, so it's only fair that I add a couple of my own personal mom.

I got both of these pictures out of a Louisiana Tech yearbook. Isn't my mom cute?! Mom was kind of a big deal when she was in college. She was a Tech Beauty and Commander of Angel Flight. She was hot AND smart! She used to model for Mister Lynn's, and as the Angel Flight Commander she had public speaking engagements at various schools and organizational gatherings, speaking on behalf of Ruston, Louisiana, the Air Force ROTC and Louisiana Tech University. My mom rocks! She rocked then, and she rocks now.

Mom will, no doubt, kill me for posting this. She won't see it 'til tomorrow morning, though. So I figure I've got about 16 hours before she makes me remove it. :) This is one of my all time favorite pictures. Mom used to babysit for me when Emily was a toddler and I still lived in the Shreveport area. This particular evening I came home to find my little angel "dressing up Gramma!" My mom was such a trooper. Heaven only knows how many different "hats" she had to wear that night. But this look was classic!

So now when March 3 hits your calendar, please say a little birthday prayer for my two moms! Two great gals born on one great day!

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Happy Birthday, Sweeter!

Hugs and kisses to you both!


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