Post Thanksgiving Roundup

Hi! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! Mine was pretty great. The hubby and I stayed home and cooked as we have the past couple of years, and were joined for dinner by my stepson, Casey, and our friend, Malcolm. We ate at noon, napped and then ate again! Gluttony at its finest.

Seriously, though, Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to really consider all that we have to be grateful for, and I have spent the past few weeks truly thanking God for all He has done in my life. Seeing how many are persecuted for even believing in Jesus Christ in other parts of the world makes me so very thankful to live in the USA where I can worship loud and proud. That's no small thing.

Here's a perfect example. Have you read the comments made by this guy?
This is Angus T. Jones, and he is an actor who plays a role on the show Two and a Half Men. He has grown up on the sitcom, and I used to watch the earlier episodes when he looked more like this:
I thought the show was funny back then, but even several years ago it started becoming pretty raunchy. I stopped watching it long ago. Last week, though, as I surfed through the channels I saw that it was on and decided to see what it was like with Ashton Kutcher as a main character. I watched maybe two and a half minutes and turned it off. It was gross... and all about sex. And it wasn't funny. It's almost like the writers have already used absolutely every joke about sex they could find and are now scraping the bottom of the perversion barrel to come up with new material. I felt greasy watching it after just a couple of minutes.

So what a ray of sunshine it was for me to read what young Angus had to say. Basically he said he thinks the show is "filth" (his word) and that he doesn't want to be on it anymore because it goes against his Christian values. (He is locked into one more year on his contract.) He even urged people to stop watching it. You can read more here:

Now, my guess is that he will soon be fired from the show, so he will get his wish. His words have caused a fire-storm in the media, with most accounts saying he's "biting the hand that feeds him," and criticizing his beliefs. But the cool thing about living in America with regard to this situation is that he won't be killed by our government because of his comments. He can be as outspoken as he wants to be about God and not be arrested for it. That's something we can all be grateful for. I'm also grateful that there exists a young man working in Hollywood who my daughter can look up to. Heaven knows there aren't many.


In home renovation news... THE FLOOR IS DONE! Woo hoo! Replacing the old yucky carpet with hard floors has made a tremendous difference. I took this picture the day the floors were finished, before I got all my decor arranged properly. The floors are pretty much the star of this photo!
This weekend I pulled out all the Christmas decorations, so the house looks like this now.


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. It will look even moreso when we start on the other renovations. More to come!


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