A Little Help at the Wheel

I hate to drive. I've said for years that if I were rich, the first thing I'd do is hire somebody to drive me around so I wouldn't have to deal with the stresses of the road. But I wouldn't even have to do that if my dog's legs were long enough to reach the pedals.

This is a picture I took with my phone as I was driving to Minden to pick up my child Sunday afternoon. Lily, my youngest (and hairiest) daughter, loves to ride in the car. If she hears the keys rattling in my hand, she starts whining and turning in circles to let me know she wants to go with me. So, when it's feasible, I'll take her. Sunday was one such trip.

When my oldest (human) daughter is away, Lily misses her terribly. And somehow the little fur ball knows when it's time to go retrieve her sister. Sunday she whined all the way to Minden, and stood up in my lap most of the trip, with her front paws on the steering wheel so she could see if we were there yet. She just couldn't wait to see her missing sibling. It was hysterical!

Once we picked Emily up, Lily calmed down and slept most of the way back home, probably exhausted from the excitement and, of course, from the arduous task of helping me behind the wheel.

I suppose if I ever do win the lottery and can afford to hire somebody, I'll have to find a driver with a little more stamina than Lily has. I'd at least require my new driver to help out on the return trip.


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