Thankful to be busy

I need a vacation. I REALLY do. And after I complete my master's pursuit and graduate in May, I hope to actually take one. I'm not sure where I'll go... the past several vacations have been to the beach, but I'm thinking right now I may want to do something different. I'd love to go somewhere where I can ride horses, hike, get in a canoe or even go white water rafting - something physical but fun. The thing I hate about the beach is that you just lie there and sweat. Quite honestly, it can be a bit boring. And it gives you WAAAAY too much time to think.

That's one reason why I like to be busy; it keeps my mind occupied. I have a tendency to be very analytical, and when my body's at rest, my mind seldom slows down. I analyze situations, feelings, other people's actions and second guess everything. When I'm busy, I don't have time to concern myself with all that stuff. I just strap myself in, and concentrate on the task at hand.

I've been swamped this week planning and getting ready for our Spring Style Show, which takes place Tuesday. That's a good thing, because right now I have a lot of stuff going on in my life that could cause my mind's gears to spin out of control. But because I have more healthy things to focus on, I don't have time to worry, wonder or beat myself up for something I COULD have done differently. It helps me to walk forward, rather than look back.

So I'm thankful to be busy. I appreciate the opportunity to focus. And when May comes, I hope to take a deep breath, get on a horse, and ride off into the sunset.


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