Santa Scare

I LOVE a good joke, especially when it's played on me. And this morning I have to give kudos to whoever was responsible for scaring the socks off of me when I walked into my office this morning. My guess is that it was Ronnie and John, who decorated the club for Christmas this weekend, but I know those two goofballs couldn't have gotten into my office without the help of my boss, Cliff or our F&B director, Lane. Cliff and Lane both have keys.

At any rate, today is Monday, so the club is closed and it's quiet. When I got here this morning, I unlocked the front door, walked down the hall and to my office door. When I unlocked the door and walked into my office, which was dark except for the outside light coming in the window, this is what I saw.

Ronnie and John and I have had several discussions over the years about how this Santa creeps me out. When standing on the floor, he's only about 4 1/2' tall, and every holiday season he usually stands in the main hall behind the big Christmas tree. Each year, without fail, I'll walk down the hall, forgetting he's there, and jump out of my skin when I catch sight of him. He's Creepy Midget Santa. And he gives me the shivers.

But when standing on my file cabinet he's about 7 feet tall. The way Ronnie and John had him situated, he was peering down his nose at me when I walked into my office. It completely freaked me out! But once I put everything together I started laughing out loud. It continues to give me joy to think about those two taking the time to put the disturbingly furry little elf in here, and I tremendously appreciate the fact that they cared enough about me to go to all this trouble just so I could start my week with a giggle.

They better watch out, though... next time, the joke will be on them!


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