Still thankful, but taking a diversion...

I am thankful that my daughter's cheer team did so well at the regional competition in Monroe yesterday, and that everybody left uninjured and healthy. Go Pups!

I am thankful for the cooler weather, and for the wonderful surprises that have come with it.

I am NOT, however, thankful for the RIDICULOUS ending to what could have been a tremendous LSU finish against Ole Miss Saturday.

Now, other than the numerous front yard football games I played with my dad, my uncle and my brothers (I had speed and good hands), I have never played a down of football in my life. But I know enough about the game to know that when you are running out of time in your last possession, you call time out. HELLO!!!!!!!! My daughter tells me I go a little nuts when watching LSU football, but I've never lost my mind quite so much as when I watched the clock tick off those 17 seconds AFTER Jordan Jefferson was sacked TWICE for a loss of yards which pulled the Tigers out of field goal range. (And yes, I am aware that Coach Crowton should be hung by his toenails for calling pass plays in the first place, when the ground game was the obvious choice to get them closer for the kicker. But it got SOOOO much worse after that.) "Tick, tick, tick" went the clock as my mouth said..."Oh. Dear. GOD!!!!! WHAT ARE THEY DOING??? CALL TIME OUT!!!!"

So finally, time out was called. With 9 seconds left (should have been 26) Jefferson completed a hail mary pass to Tolliver, which put them on the 6 yard line with one second left on the clock. Instead of sending the kicking team in to kick what would have been the winning field goal, Jefferson goes back under center (as I'm sure I was continuing to holler at the television) and... spikes the ball!!!????? The clock reads 0. Game over.

My mouth fell open. I probably would have kept screaming, but I was too stunned. I've never seen anything like it.

And here's the worst part of all. Les Miles said he doesn't know who told Jefferson to spike the ball. WBRZ in Baton Rouge proved he was lying.

I wonder if there are For Sale signs in Miles' yard yet.


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