Today I'm thankful for...

bananas and peanut butter, which make up my favorite afternoon snack. I'm also thankful for the cookbook Tina gave me for graduation that has in it the world's best chocolate/chocolate chip poundcake recipe. (We baked this cake at halftime of the LSU/Ole Miss game. I was VERY thankful to have this chocolate deliciousness to fall back on while mourning the end of that debacle.)

I'm thankful for the gift of music, my ability to hear it and my voice with which I sing it. I'm thankful for my friend Jeanne who has been teaching my child to play the piano for the past 4 years, so that she, too, can enjoy the gift of music.

I'm thankful for books and for the people who write them.

And today I'm thankful for my Aunt Kim, a Godly woman and a consistent port in the storm. She may live far away, but she's always in my heart, and I'm in hers.


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