Here we go...

We moved into a new chapter of life at our house this week. And we did it with a bit of trepidation and anxiety, and a whole lot of excitement.

My only child started high school today.

Last night there were a few tears (not just mine) and prayers. My precious spousal unit asked me if I was having any feelings I wanted to share with him regarding this enormous transition in my child's life, and of course I had plenty to share.

For the past few weeks a flood of memories has invaded my mind - both good and bad. I remember high school. I remember sights, sounds, even smells. But most of all, I remember feelings. I remember the joy associated with accomplishment and the nervousness I felt before specific important events. I remember the love I felt for and from really good friends, and I remember how badly my feelings were hurt by those I thought were my friends. I vividly remember both happiness and disappointment.

I also remember peer pressure.

And how I was always strong enough to just say no.

So when I was talking it out with my hubby, my final shared thought was this: I will find out very soon if the foundation I've laid with my child for all of these years will be strong enough to carry her through it all. That's an overwhelming feeling for a parent... the wondering if you've "done it right," or if you've done enough. I've been talking, but has she really been listening? Have I set a good example? Will she be strong enough to just say no and walk away from the crowd?

I guess I'll find out soon enough.


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