It's Just a Phase

How many times have you heard the words "going through a phase"? I've heard the phrase used to describe a child's bad behavior, a grown person's mid-life behavior, and I've even used it myself to explain away a bad hairdo and 80's fashion mistakes. (Seriously, what were we thinking with the permed hair, spandex and lace bows? Thanks a lot, Madonna!)

In two weeks my child will enter high school. At this point in life, my precious daughter leaves me sweet notes on my mirror, writes poems on my Facebook wall, and gives me hugs every time I come through the door. But I am told by parents of older teen daughters that the child I know will soon turn into a person who hates me, thinks I'm really dumb, and is embarrassed by the very sight of me. I suppose that will be a phase. I am told that when she turns 18 or 19 (or according to some moms it will last into the early 20's) she will once again become the Mom-loving child I raised. I hope she doesn't enter that phase at all, but at least I am prepared for it, and know there is still hope for the future.

I feel like I'm going through a phase right now in my career life. Some changes in my work environment have left me pondering a career move - maybe I need to grow? Maybe I need to challenge myself further? Maybe I need to use my master's degree to counsel or teach, or maybe I need to find a way to use all my skills and talents in a church/Christian related field. I don't know. Don't get me wrong, I have a great job, but I just feel a stirring in my heart. I told my husband and daughter not too long ago that it seems when my work life is great, then my personal life stinks, and when my personal life is really good, then my work life isn't giving me what I need. My husband in all his humor grinned and said, "Do you want us to get mad at you so everything will even out?" Very funny. Actually, as I told a friend the other day... I think it's probably just a phase.

I'll tell you what is NOT a phase, though. My dear friends Peggy and Wyche are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this Friday! No matter what these two wonderful people went through in their lives, they handled it side by side. They have been each other's best friend, partner and hero for 50 whole years. They may have gone through phases, but whatever came their way, they faced it together. I am so proud to call them my friends (and adopted family!) and wish them heartfelt congratulations.


rick said…
I just love your blog..One of my favorite people that I had the pleasure to meet albeit briefly, when i lived in Shreveport. Keep this blog going please...
Linnea said…

Thanks so much! I'll do my best to keep it going. As long as I have something to say and the words to say it with, I'll keep writing.

Have a great day! And thanks for reading AND commenting!

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