A Little Fun at Work

One cool thing about my job is that the building is decorated weekly with cut flowers. And they are usually a beautiful addition to the workplace.

But when I came in Monday, the plant pictured above was atop Betsy's desk in the reception office. I immediately started singing "Cha-cha-cha CHIA!!!" in my head. I'm not sure what this plant is, or what it's supposed to be. But to me it was simply the country club equivalent of a chia pet.

I love our flower guy, Ronnie, but sometimes he comes up with some really odd things. We had a discussion the other day about how the extreme heat has messed up his orders, and even tropical plants are dying too fast in his arrangements. I guess the chia pet plant was just one thing he knew wouldn't die so quickly.

So I just decided to give the thing some character. I took the plant from Betsy's desk, "fixed it," and put it back. If we are going to have a chia pet in the receptionist's office, it needs to be a bit more welcoming!


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