It's the little things...

... that can come from out of nowhere and just make my whole day better. Take, for example, this picture.

This is my Daytimer. It is a very important part of my existence, not only because I plan events for my job, but also because interspersed amongst all the dates associated with work are ones which involve games at which my child will be cheering, speaking engagements (for both me and my husband), Sundays on which I will be singing special music or in the praise team at church, birthdays of friends and family, fundraising events... you get the picture. There's a lot of stuff to remember! And if I don't write it all down, then I'll forget where I'm supposed to be and what I'm supposed to do or bring.

This is where the Daytimer comes in. It's my personal secretary, and I only have to pay about 25 bucks a year for its services, which I did a week or so ago with a credit card on the Internet. And my planning pages for 2011 arrived at about 11am this morning via Federal Express!

I realize this makes me a bit of a geek, but it's always fun to take out the old calendar planning pages and replace them with the fresh new pages for the brand new year, which I did today. And as an added bonus, I also purchased new address and phone number pages this year, to replace the old ones that have been in my planner for nearly a decade. Let's face it, there are some folks I contacted on a regular basis 8 years ago that I don't need to contact now. (Mostly former business associates; I haven't gotten rid of any friends! :) So for about an hour today, I reorganized my life into one tidy little package! It was fun!

I'm realizing as I type this that my husband will read this post and think about the fact that I frequently forget to write things down on the wall calendar at home. (I also forget to write stuff down on the grocery list posted on the refrigerator, but that's another story for another time.) Perhaps it's because once I write it in my planner, then I've got it in my brain. And maybe also because I'm much more organized at work than I am at home.

Oh... and mostly because it's just not as much fun!


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