A Three Hour Tour into Oblivion

I am truly feeling ancient. And it's all my daughter's fault.

Last night when I got home from work (late, because it was bingo night... ugh!) I was fixing myself a plate of food when my precious, newly-auburn haired teenaged child told me that since her hair transformation (see earlier post) a few of her schoolmates have given her nicknames.

"I don't mind being called 'Little Red,' which is what Leigh and Rachel call me. But a couple of the guys are calling me 'Ginger,' and I have no idea why. I don't like that," she said.

"Oh, wow, that's kinda cool, actually. Ginger was the movie star!" I replied.

Blank stare from my child.

"You know, from Gilligan's Island!"

Still nothing registering.

"You know who I'm talking about right? They are probably calling you Ginger because she was the hottie movie star from Gilligan's Island."

And then, she spit a bullet right into my chest. "Mom, I have no idea what you're talking about. And if I don't know what you're talking about, then I KNOW THEY don't know. What's Gilligan's Island?"

Though hurt, I still did not give up. I grabbed my iPhone and Googled pictures of the classic redhead to show my child. She humored me and looked at the pictures of all my old favorite characters, still with no look of recollection on her face. I then sang the theme song. (Yes, I know. Even you are embarrassed for me right about now.) "...the Professor and Mary Ann... Here on Gilligan's Isle!!!!"

I may as well have been have been shoving jelly beans up my nose. I got NOTHING from her. Nothing, except this:

"I don't know why they are calling me Ginger, but I'm sure they've never heard of that show either."


How does that happen? How do things that were so ingrained in our brains as kids completely disappear from society? Most people 25 and younger can't even name all four of the Beatles. (I have to admit here for the sake of full disclosure that even I, at the age of 42, sometimes have a tough time remembering George Harrison.)

I used to come home from school, get a snack, and sit in front of the TV for a little while and watch Gilligan, The Brady Bunch, and I Dream of Jeannie before doing my homework. OH! And Bewitched! I LOOOOVED Bewitched! Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha was my all time fave. But now, all my child knows about Bewitched is that it was a movie starring Nicole Kidman.

This makes me sad. (And again, sigh...)


rick said…
Happy New Year Linnea,

I so know how it feels to be out of touch with the younger generation. I have 20 something engineers that I employ who know nothing of MR ED, Roy Rogers, The Monkees, The Man from Uncle, Steve Martin (back in the "arrow through the head" concert days ). They know nothing of the early years of Saturday night live.. Truly makes me feel old.. You hit a chord with me when you mentioned Bewitched and Jeannie.. Elizabeth Montgomery and Barbara Eden.. what a crush I had on them,, By the Way,, Thank you so much for tipping me off to that coloring book website,, This Valentines Day I will send my grandson's their own super hero coloring book ..starring ..them.. My daughter and son- in -law will get one too.. such a cool idea..Your daughters hair looks very nice too. Bet you have a great hair stylist down there that you trust .. finally ..10 dresses.. Really???.. I used to give my ex a gift certificate to Cache' down at the Mall St vincent because there is no way I would pick the right combo.. your hubby is the Man.. Way to go!!!
D said…
For the record, the kids were likely thinking of something they could relate to, and that would most likely be a South Park episode that mocked "Ginger kids".

See this youtube clip for example.
Linnea said…
To Rick -

Getting older sure ain't for sissies! But I don't mind the wisdom that comes along with it. I may have made some mistakes along the way, but at least I've learned from them.

I was thrilled to find the coloring book website! I hope you and your grandsons enjoy the books!

And yes... 10 dresses! He's pretty awesome. But I gotta say... if you're gonna get a woman a gift certificate, Cache is certainly the way to go!

To D -

You are probably correct about the South Park reference. South Park is certainly more relevant to today's youth than Gilligan's Island.

I still have to believe, though, that the original reference came from TV's earliest and most famous redheaded "Ginger." South Park and other shows/movies, etc., may have brought the tag forward into today's society, but it had to START somewhere.

For example, the term "Doubting Thomas" is given nowadays to people who have a hard time believing something. But the original reference is from the book of John (20:25) in the Bible, when Jesus had appeared resurrected to a few of the disciples, but not yet to Thomas. When Thomas heard the news he said he wouldn't believe it was true until he saw the wounds in Jesus' hands and side. So that's where the term Doubting Thomas originated.

So I think, perhaps, the original "Ginger" reference probably came from Gilligan's Island. But what do I know? I'm just an old person! :)

Thanks for stopping by, D! I hope to hear from you again soon!

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