I Need Thee Right Now!

As I have written previously, I am putting together a gospel CD. At the moment, I'm thinking half the songs will be originals, and the other half will be old gospel tunes, already written and sung for years in our church congregations. My Aunt Joanne told me her favorite is "I am Returning to the God of my Father," so I plan to include that one. Uncle Ron has several favorites, including "Old Rugged Cross," and "Amazing Grace." I will do at least one of those. I also love "I Need Thee Every Hour," and have sung that at both church and my Dixie show. But there are thousands to choose from, each with their own special message and meaning.

So, I need YOUR help. What are your favorite gospel songs? Which spiritual tunes help you get your Jesus on? Which ones should I include on the CD? Please either comment here, or if you're uncomfortable doing that, you can send me an email at linnea@linneafayard.com. I look forward to hearing from you!


saralaraine said…
Hey Linnea! It's Sara Pickett. I know it's been a long time. I saw you were asking for suggestions on gospel songs. My all time favorite is 'How Great Thou Art'. I know it has been done a lot but I know what your voice can do. I know you can sing it as know one else can or ever has. Thanks for letting me give my 2 sense. I can't wait for the album!!!! ~Sara~
Linnea said…
From the Houma Clan via email:

Still can't access the blog, but I have four favorite gospel songs for you....

"In the Garden"
"Blessed Assurance"
"Crown Him with Many Crowns"
"Rock of Ages"
Linnea said…
Sara! So good to hear from you!

I love "How Great Thou Art," too. I've considered that one, but as you say, it's been done so often it would be difficult to "make it mine" as I taught you to do in voice lessons. I'm still considering it.

And Johnny, My mom sent me her list and "In the Garden" was on it. Pretty clear that you guys would have the same taste in music, huh? Ha!

I've had a few more emails and other suggestions I've received are "Who Can Satisfy," "Eternal Father, Strong to Save," and I had another vote for "Blessed Assurance."

What fun this is going to be!!!

Thanks for all the help, My Friends!
Randy said…
Linnea would you consider doing I think is such a beautiful song.
Via Dolorosa

Stephanie said…
Hey Nea~
I have so many thoughts on this...I'd bore you to death. I've come full circle from the girl you knew in high school in my belief and understanding of God.
This song had a lot to do with it. It hit my upside the head and wouldn't leave my head for months.
It might not fit for a Gospel album...but it meant the world to me.
I'll email you more over the months. xoxo Stephanie
What If, by Nicole Nordeman
Jenni said…
Hi Linnea, not sure if you him, but my dad is Howard Hart, local DJ in Shreveport for several years. Anyway, I stumbled across your blog (as I have one myself, you should check it out!) My favorite hymn is "Just As I Am" I think it is a wonderful song, and it always reminds me that God love me just the way I am! Good luck!
Jenni Litton
Linnea Fayard said…

Sure I remember your dad! And thanks for the song idea. I will definitely put it on the list of music to choose from. I've been really busy with school the past couple of months, so had put the CD on the back burner for the time being. But starting in June, it's at the top of my priority list.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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