Like, I'm so, like, ashamed... you know?

I hate to admit this publicly. Really, I do. So don't laugh.

I've started watching "The Bachelor."

I'm going to place the full blame on my daughter, who has been hooked on the show for a couple of years. She and a friend with whom I work (I will not give out her name unless she gives me permission... she might be ashamed, too!) have had coversations about the show and the people involved each season, and I was curious as to what the big deal was. So I watched.

It's like watching a train wreck... it's horrible on so many different levels, but I just... can't... turn... away. Now I really want to know who Jason, a 32 year old single dad from Seattle, chooses to be his wife. Unfortunately, though, like all the other reality shows on television these days, it is jam-packed with silly drama. The women on the show make complete fools of themselves; the claws come out with regularity and the cattiness is just embarrassing.

If that weren't enough, there is something else about the show that bugs me. All of the people on camera use the word "like" as if it were a conjunction. It's, like, they just, like, don't know, like, how to, like, complete a sentence unless, like, they throw the word "like" in it, like, at least, like, 10 times or so.

Drives me insane.

I think if each member of the cast cut the word "like" out of their vocabulary, the 2 hour show could run just over an hour. If I watch it next week I am going to try to count the number of times the word is said. I wonder if I can count that high.

I cannot imagine wanting to be one of those 25 women "competing" against each other to try to win one man's affection. Seems kinda silly. Of course in my experience, it's been hard to win a man's affection at all, much less if I'm stacked up against 24 other people. Now, being on the other end of the deal might be fun. Maybe I need to nominate myself to be the next Bachelorette. Do you think they'd want a 40 year old single mother with two jobs as their next heroine?

Nah, they probably wouldn't LIKE me that much.


ShirleyC said…
Oh, girl, I think you should "go for it!"
You're classier than any of those women could ever want to be. To us, there's only one that stands out, and that is Stephanie. You should know by now that pageants have trained us well. LOL
Linnea said…
Ha! Oh no, Shirley. I was kidding! No way would I ever get involved with something like that. There's just no way to come out of it without being humiliated. And let's face it... I think I've had enough humiliation to last me a lifetime!

Thanks so much for the sweet words, though. And tell Clay and Emily I said hello!

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