Growing Old Gracefully

I've heard it said that age is just a state of mind, and I have found it to be true. Some days, I feel younger than my years; other days I feel older. It just depends on how much stress I'm under, how much sleep I got the night before... that sort of thing. I've been super busy at work lately, which is great. But because of everything I have to get done in the next couple of weeks, it's been hard to quiet my mind. In the past couple of nights, my mind has decided to chatter somewhere in the vicinity of 3am, keeping me awake for a couple of hours. The lack of solid sleep has taken its toll yesterday and today. I've been ultra tired.

And feeling old.

My daughter, bless her little soul, constantly tells me when I verbalize how old I'm feeling on a given day, "MOM,(exasperated and rolling her eyes) you're NOT old!"

I could tell her how lack of sleep makes me feel worn out, how I notice a new smile line around my eyes nearly every week and how gravity REALLY sucks once you pass a certain age. I could tell her how my back and knees keep me from being able to lift as much weight as I could in years past, and how planting the caladiums and begonias in the front flower bed puts me out of commission for at least a day and half. I could tell her how the heat of a Louisiana summer gets hotter every year and how each passing year gets shorter and shorter because it's a smaller increment of your life.

But instead, I just thank her. And I thank the good Lord for this precious cheerleader He's blessed me with... this child He gave me to raise.

I also thank Him for every year He allows me to live on this planet, because that just means I still have some purpose left to serve. While I age, I gain wisdom. Each day is a gift, each year is a blessing.

I'll try to live each one with grace and dignity... and perhaps a little Botox!


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