The Weekend

First, may I just say Happy Father's Day to all the daddies out there. I hope you know just how important you are to your children. Some of my fondest memories are those I made with my dad. I learned a lot from him, and in many ways I am the woman I am today because of how he raised me. There is no better role model than a father who loves his children. For those dads, it's Father's Day every day!


Moving on to other weekend events... The Miss Louisiana Pageant always falls on Father's Day weekend. Preliminaries run Thursday and Friday nights, with the finals on Saturday. I had originally decided not to attend this year, primarily because I sort of "overdosed" last year as a principle entertainer in the production. But I started feeling a little guilty because my daughter really wanted to go. So at the last minute I got tickets and we attended Thursday and Friday.

Now, I thought I had experienced it all, having been involved in the organization in some capacity for the past 20+ years. But I was wrong.

Everything looked the same and sounded the same. There were contestants and audience members and other entertainers. There were spot lights and glittery dresses and high heels and big hair. But there was an added element that made this pageant different from past years.


They were everywhere! Apparently someone had left a side door open, and outside the door was a major breeding ground. Those little blood-suckers were vicious! They would fly right at your face and laugh heartily as you tried to shoo them away. (Okay, I know I'm exaggerating a bit here. But I want you to get the full effect.)And I don't mean one or two bugging you every once in a while. I'm talking swarms of them in your line of sight to the stage. It really would've been humorous to watch all the audience members in their fancy duds swatting these sinister creatures all night, if I hadn't been doing the same thing.

And here's the deal... the Monroe Mayor was sitting in the front row! Someone PLEASE explain to me why that problem wasn't taken care of! I mean, okay, I'll give him the first night free. But the last two nights of competition? That building should have been sprayed inside and out by the time Friday night rolled around, since, by that time, anyone in a 2 mile radius of the building was aware of the problem. But alas, we were still being attacked by those mean, feisty little critters.

I told Emily that if we contract West Nile Virus, I'm suing the City of Monroe. And I'll think twice before heading back to the Monroe Civic Center any time soon.

For the Saturday finals, Emi and I opted to go to Mrs. Peggy's house to eat and watch the pageant with her, her husband Wyche, and the former pageant producer (and a very dear friend), Lamar Mullican. It was a great evening with wonderful food and friends. And NO mosquitoes!


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