Bon Appetit!

This past Monday was my final day of counseling in Monroe. I logged up all my internship hours and hopefully helped a few people in the process. My site supervisor and a few staff members, including my former sister-in-law, took me to eat lunch and celebrate, which was so very kind of them. It was also a ton of fun. And they even gave me presents!

One of the gifts I received was a Cooking in High Cotton cookbook, which has some great looking recipes in it. It was a perfect gift, because one thing I've decided to use my new-found free time for is cooking. I have realized that in my hitting "mid-life" I've become stuck in a cooking rut. I've been so busy the past couple of years that I haven't tried out anything new. Don't get me wrong, I can cook pretty well and have a few specialties - chicken Parmesan, shrimp fettuccine, a couple of really great casseroles, a mean pot of red beans and I can really dress up a piece of fish, to name a few - but I'm ready to add to the repertoire.

I've picked 4 recipes out of my new cookbook to try this weekend, and have made out my grocery list accordingly. I detest grocery shopping, but this may actually make it more fun... or at the very least, more bearable. And by Sunday, I'll be cooking in high cotton!


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