The Smell of Spring

I love this time of year... because it smells so good!

These are pictures I took with my cell phone while lying in my hammock yesterday evening. The top one is of the massive gardenia bush that grows within the confines of my enclosed patio. Every spring it blooms, and its flowers emit the sweetest aroma, one that is especially fragrant in my little patio area.

Under normal circumstances I read while outside. But yesterday I just took it all in... the green of the trees, the songs of the birds, and the delicious smell of the gardenias.

I know... corny right?

But really, it was just one of those peaceful moments that proves God not only exists in the world, but surrounds us all the time.

The dog, however, wasn't as thrilled. And she hates to be bothered with posing for pictures when she's vegging on her special little corner of the hammock. But she's just as content as I am to be outside at this time of year.

It's always a treat to bring that smell inside, too. (The smell of the gardenias, not the dog.) Because there are SOOOO many blooms, I like to cut the flowers and bring them into the house. I have several crystal bowls full of them, so the scent wafts throughout the kitchen, living and dining rooms. It smells glorious.

Me encanta la primevera!


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