Happy Mother's Day

I am very lucky to have had some wonderful women in my life, women who have cared for me, shaped me, even loved me. Most I'm related to, some just sort of adopted me as their own or were stuck with me because of marital situations (I say this with a smile and lots of genuine love), some I've just met. I want to thank all of these moms for being there for me, or for being special moms, and wish them a very Happy Mothers Day.

Karen McDonald (my actual mom!), Dorothy Linnea Taylor (aka "Grammy"), Marie Browning Fayard (aka "Mamou"), Linnea Levine ("Grandma Nea"), Staci Fayard (my stepmom), Peggy Ashcraft (my adopted mom), Joanne Fayard (my fabulous aunt), Kim Fayard (my other fabulous aunt), Pat Compton ("Nano"), Lou Adams ("Sweeter"), Gerry Lambright ("Nana"), Connie Ross (Miss LA mom), Dorothy Hoogland (another Miss LA mom), Judy Burt, Judy Williams, Joanne Swearingen, Peggy Adkins, Mrs. Barbara, Mrs. Jan, Mrs. Gwen, Mrs. Ethel, Mrs. Kay.

Best friends, cousins and sisters: Tammy Fayard, Terri Langford, Kelly Palmer, Cindy Wagnon, Tina Jinks, Rhonda Johnson, Tamam LaHood, Donna Abshire Divietro, Beth Horstman Smiley, Kelli Rogers Charping, Jeanne Desommes Fulco, Annalisa LeFebvre (Emi's Godmother), Jeanne Dickson Patterson, Christy Crook.


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